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  • Blue Fence Rail Quilt

    Blue Fence Rail Quilt

      This Blue Fence Rail Quilt was an order from my lady friend from AWA Jakarta member, Judy Helsing. She bought one of my quilts already a year before. She bought my Feathers Bargello using 22 colors after saw it at American Club Mother’s Day Bazaar in May 2012. At first she was interested in […]

  • Truck Galleries Quilt

    This quilt was made to order from a customer from Sydney, Australia. She wants to give a quilt for her 8 years old son. He loves trucks, she asked me to make quilt with many trucks. I searched all trucks pictures from the web and made patterns out of them. I used local cotton fabrics […]

  • Bug Jar Quilt

    A bug jar quilt wall hanging, it displays 20 jars fill with all kind of bugs. From butterflies, bees, lady bugs, even chameleon and frogs too. This quilt was machine pieced and hand quilted. Border using bali batiks.

  • Quilt Training for Under Privilege Teenagers

    Quilt Training for Under Privilege Teenagers

    Together with my best friend Claudia Collins, we set up a small workshop ” Anucara” to help the under-privilege teenagers to learn something useful for themselves. In this workshop we teach them to sew, quilting, and also cooking/baking. With this knowledge we hope we can give them something and earn money during their free time and after they finished their school.

  • ANZA Jakarta Quilting Class

    Quilting Class every Tuesday morning from 9.30am – 11.30am at ANZA House Jakarta, Kemang, South Jakarta.

  • Triple Irish Chain – A Baby Quilt

      I made this quilt out from a jelly roll that I I bought in Bali couple years ago. This roll is kind of “neglected” as the colour is very bright and I don’t have any idea what should I make out of this jelly roll. If I use that for making bargello, if won’t […]

  • Brownies A’la Mode Quilt

    I made this quilt for my cousin Prita, for her wedding gift. I used jelly roll from Bali Batik and red floral cotton I bought in a fabric shop in Jakarta. This is a Queen Size quilt and hand quilted

  • What a Monday…

    I feel better now after I wrote what I feel, by doing this it seems like I see him from both side. I see the comparison between his bad and positive side of him in my life. Helping me with all my activities, either house hold and my quilting business is truly a blessing.

  • ANZA House Jakarta Quilt Display

    ANZA House Jakarta Quilt Display

    Some of my quilts collections are displayed at ANZA House Jakarta since May 16, 2013. Here are the pictures of them on display.

  • French Braid Quilt

    A friend of mine from AWA Jakarta asked me to make a quilt to welcome her child. She gave me hundreds piece of fabrics in different sizes and colors to make this quilt. She got all these fabrics from all of her friends. It is a tradition in her home town culture (France, Europe) that whenever a woman expecting a child, all of her friends will give her a piece of fabric to welcome the child. It took me almost 2 months to figure out what pattern will suit these load of beautiful fabrics. Because some of the pieces shouldn’t be cut. Finally I found French Braid pattern but I made some modification to it and here is the picture of the quilt. Hope she will like it. I crossed my fingers to hear the news from her… 🙂

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