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Hello there! 🙂 Thank you for visiting my blog 🙂

This blog is about everything what I think, love, feel and what I want to do. It’s more like my personal journal. I will write here about what I experience about something that I saw, about people that I met, a movie that I saw, music that I like or about anything that effect me. My opinion about something that I saw of I felt.

At first, I started this blog is to express what I felt, I used it as a channel to release my sadness and sorrow after my dear Hubby passed away. I was really lonely and I didn’t find a way to express my feeling. I thot nobody cannot stand to listen to my whining sentences, to see my tears and my rambling about my dear one. Even my family and my best friend, they will not stand it for long. All I can hear from them are be strong, Hening. Stop crying, your Hubby is happy now. You have to stand up and go on with your life. 

I know that I have to continue my life, stand up and be strong. But there’s a time when I cannot stand up, so weak and crashed. That’s the moment when I need him most. Usually after I cried, I will feel better and can smile again in front of people.

This blog also is a place for me to talk about my future dream. I dream about having my own business, work from home and have a happy life. A dream that I built since my dear Hubby still with me.

Again what I write here is only my personal feeling, my personal opinion. I might warn you that you might find many of my writing here are about my dear Hubby, my feeling of losing. So be prepare and you can stop reading whenever you want to 🙂 I hope everyone of you who read this can enjoy what I wrote. I do not want to argue with anyone as I said before that what I wrote he is only about my own feeling and opinion 🙂

After I received comments and notification about my blog that some people showed their appreciation by giving me “LIKE”, it made me wake up. Somebody, somewhere outhere appreciate what I did, listen to what I said, and gave their support. I appreciate and happy to receive any comments and encouraging words from all of you. Your comment is a support for me and help me to get back my strength. Help me to realize that I am not alone. I meet a lot of great new friends by writing this blog. I didn’t realize at first that my blog will help me find new friends. Enjoy reading! 🙂


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  1. reneeboomer Avatar

    I am so sorry for the loss of your dear hubby. big hugs to you. I will pray you can be strong and go on. It is okay to talk about your hubby as that will be healing for you. No one can tell you how to feel as you are grieving right now and it is your pain.

    Take good care of you. all the best. Renee 🙂

    1. simplythebest01 Avatar

      Hi Renee,
      Thank you very much for your kind words and for visiting my blog. I am getting better and stronger everyday and I am glad I meey a lot of new friends by writing this blog. I like your blog, it’s very inspiring. Enjoy your day with your family. Take care. Hening 🙂

      1. reneeboomer Avatar

        HI Hening. YOU are most welcome and thank you for your lovely comment. I am happy to hear you are getting stronger. 🙂 Renee

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