Quilt Training for Under Privilege Teenagers


The idea for having this workshop come up after I met my friend Claudia at my house. This meeting was a kind of reunion after we haven’t met for quite long time. Since I got married, I didn’t go to many networking function, venue where I used to meet and greet with my friends like Claudia. After Idul Fitri, Claudia come to my house with her husband, we chat all along, catch up about everything and then we talk about my current activity, quilting. I told Claudia that sometimes I have problem in handling my quilting orders as I have limitation in human resources in doing hand – quilting works. Because it’s a handy work, it will take times to finish one quilt.

Claudia come up with the idea to gather teenagers around her house in Bogor, West Java to train them with quilting. Train them with some skill to help them survive after they finish their school, either Junior or Senior High School. Claudia said there are many under – privilege families around her housing complex. I agreed with the idea and I will drive and go to her house in Bogor every Saturday to teach the teenagers.

The first meeting, we got around 6 teenagers coming, include Claudia’s house maid also join this training. The workshop took place at Claudia’s garage, she parked her car outside her house and all the teenagers and me sat on the floor with carpet. It was fun and work out well. I prepared everything for this quilting training. I brought all my quilts equipments with me, quilt tops for practicing, and an unfinished quilt. I was so happy to see the enthusiasm in their eyes. I have confidence that this will work out well.

Beside quilting, we also plan to teach the teenagers with cooking/baking skill. Claudia and her husband Ron Collins will teach them these subject when I do not come for quilting or other day when they are free. I brought some of my cooking appliances to Claudia’s house to support this activity.





















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