Triple Irish Chain – A Baby Quilt



I made this quilt out from a jelly roll that I I bought in Bali couple years ago. This roll is kind of “neglected” as the colour is very bright and I don’t have any idea what should I make out of this jelly roll. If I use that for making bargello, if won’t be enough as i only have one roll, so this jelly roll stays in my drawer for quite sometimes.

I was kind of bored one day, open my computer and surfing some website to find any quilt idea my my next project. Then I stuck into a pattern, Triple Irish Chain. The pattern on the blog that I found using fabrics from a jelly roll, but what made me interested in this pattern was this lady not piecing the fabrics in order, just sew the fabrics and the result is amazing. Seeing it gave me an idea to make one using my jelly roll. I will sew and piecing my fabrics from my jelly roll without any colour order, just sew it along.

And the result is amazing. After I pieced them all, I put them on the floor and as always I was stunned by the result. I have a bit difficulty when I made this at the beginning, because the pattern I saw on the blog, that lady didn’t use jelly roll with 2,5 inch. She made it using 1,5 inch, so I have to adjust the measurement by myself and took me sometimes to figure it out and make it right and perfect.






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