ANZA House Jakarta Quilt Display

I joined ANZA Mid – Year Bazaar on May 14, 2013 in Menara 165, Jakarta. At the Bazaar the Center Manager of ANZA come, Janine Spencer to my booth and offered me to display some of my quilts at ANZA House, Jakarta. I was thrilled, stunned and surprised to hear this overwhelming offer. For a split second I cannot say anything, lost in words… but then I put myself back together and agreed to that offer. And on Thursday, May 16, 2013 I come to ANZA House to start displaying some of my quilts there.

I come with my 2 assistants to help me to display the quilts. It took me about one hour till it finished. Some ladies of ANZA’s member were at the Center that day and I received many encouraging comments and compliments from them about my quilts. These sure warmed my heart. Receiving compliments from people who appreciate my work was really means a lot to me. Many times that day I had goose bumps and want to cry because my heart was so overwhelmed. In my heart I whisper prayer to thank Him for His blessing. Because of Him all of this happen. Thank you God for everything…


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