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  • Been a while

    Been a while since you gone44 days since you away from meMy heart still bleedingMy heart still hurtI am missing in every breath that I takeI keep on saying” I wish you were here with me, Love” When will my aching heart be better again?Maybe won’t be heal as there’s nobody can heal my aching […]

  • Are you there?

    Baby,Are you there in the wind that blows the meadows?Are you there in those pastures?Are you there with the cows? I look out to the meadow with the hope to see you thereMy heart hurt to see the open landin OklahomaThe place where you used to belong My heart break remembering the timeThat we used […]

  • I wanna go home

    Baby,I wanna go home to our houseto the place where we used to be togetherWhere we cooked togetherWhere we laughed togetherWhere we spent our time together all the time I miss our home, LoveI miss you deeply… I am here alonein your hometownand I am missing our home Where can I find our home again, […]

  • Summer Rain

    Another rainy day today in Duncan. I know Oklahoma needs the rain, but not me ๐Ÿ™ Rainy day makes me sad and missing you the most. I do wish you were here with me now, Love! I miss you dearly… ๐Ÿ™

  • Missing you in this room

    Written on May 29, 2012 at 23.33, Comanche, Oklahoma Here I am at Jessica’s houuse, in Bryson’s room, the room we used to sleep whenever we come for visit to Oklahoma. It’s quiet, very quiet and I feel lonely. No more you with me in this room, Baby. I will sleep alone tonight ๐Ÿ™ย I miss […]

  • Doha Lounge

    Sitting here at the lounge after shower and breakfast. Mixed up feeling fill my heart. This used to be our meeting point, Love. I cried by teh time I walked into Duty Free, as you usually greted me tjere with your big smile, with your red traveling shirt and your lounge pants. You were not […]

  • BBQ Night – American Club

    It’s sad here Baby, without you is so hard. I drink Jack Daniels like we used to do together here. My heart keep on singing Bon Jovi’s song; it’s hard so hard. It’s tearing up my heart. It’s letting you go… I love and miss you Baby

  • Batik

    Went to an exhibition Jakarta Convention Center with Indi and I found some batik with old patterns for my quilts. I am happy to get them, cheap batik just as I wanted. I did’t buy batik for my dress as you won’t be here to see me with you batk dress, baby. I was sad […]

  • Marbella

    Go with my sister, Indi to her apartment, Marbella Kemang and I feel sad remembering you, Baby. Last time I went to this apartment, you’re still alive and well. My heart hurt thinking about this, Love. I miss you so much, Love. Rest in Peace

  • Do You Remember

    I saw you in a dream I saw you in the wind You spoke to me, gentle words, soothing my mind caressing my heart Just the way you looked at me Your face the most beautiful Iโ€™d ever seen radiant, shining Iโ€™d never felt love like it before The first time you kissed my heart […]

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