Missing you in this room

Written on May 29, 2012 at 23.33, Comanche, Oklahoma

Here I am at Jessica’s houuse, in Bryson’s room, the room we used to sleep whenever we come for visit to Oklahoma. It’s quiet, very quiet and I feel lonely. No more you with me in this room, Baby. I will sleep alone tonight 🙁 
I miss your complaint about the blanket that I took whenever I rolled over. You always blamed me on that. I will a bit upset whenever you said that as I didn’t do it in purpose and I didn’t realize that I made that trouble 🙁
I won’t mind Baby, if you want to complaint now. I would rather to hear your complaint all night rather than facing this silent in this room.
I just sent you a silent pray, Love. I prayed to God to forgive all of your mistakes and wrong doing in the past. I I prayed that God will give you the best place for you next to him…
The sound of the wind outside accompany me now. Sometimes I hear thunder far away. I miss you so much, Baby. I miss you and love you so much…
I wanna be with you again in this city. I miss your company. I miss being together with you… I miss everything of you…
I love and miss you Baby. I see you in my dream tonight. XOXOXO…






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