Doha Lounge

Sitting here at the lounge after shower and breakfast. Mixed up feeling fill my heart. This used to be our meeting point, Love. I cried by teh time I walked into Duty Free, as you usually greted me tjere with your big smile, with your red traveling shirt and your lounge pants. You were not there to greet me. I am sad and lonely. I could have some sleep on the plane from Jakarta to Doha. Some turbulences but still I can sleep and I feel ok now.jessica and Misty ben good to me. I saw Jessica crying when we landed this morning. I will remember this trip together with Jessica and Misty all my life. We might not been able to fly together like this again in future. This is beacause of you, Love. Ypur gals very nice to me, i know they love me. I love them too with all my heart. Part of you is with them, looking at them make me feel like I am looking at you. Doha has a lot of meaning to me. You ised to worked here, you earned money for us here. I sit at the lounge now looking out of the window. Looking out at the city used to be yours. I am sad, Love. I miss you. And i love you so much. I want you to be here with me like we used to be 🙁 I see you in my dream tonight, Love…xoxoxo






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