Do You Remember

I saw you in a dream
I saw you in the wind
You spoke to me, gentle words,
soothing my mind
caressing my heart
Just the way you looked at me
Your face the most beautiful
I’d ever seen radiant, shining
I’d never felt love like it before
The first time you kissed my heart
Ecstasy peace do you remember love?
My lost, lost love
As I kneel near my lost, lost love wondering why
the Lord above, took him from my  loving heart,
I could only imagine knelt by his precious side,
Looking at his motionless, limp body
my heart aches with sorrow and pain
As the tears stream down my pale cheeks
staining individuals paths
down to my very chin, each tear is for you, Two Bears dear
and for how i wish you were alive and well
The precious and dear memories I shall have of you, Two Bears dear,
and how I shall miss you on a day-to-day basis!
My thought are of you, Two Bears dear,
and your memories shall always be with me,
my heart shall be yours for eternity
You’re my my dear Two Bears whom I truly love,
for one day we shall meet again.
Until our precious reunion, Two Bears dear
may I say my beautiful prayers for you
to express my inner grief and sorrow
that I have for you deeply within.
With all m y love to my 2bears, Billy Lawson






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