Category: Cambodia

  • Orpahanage Visit

    I am getting ready to visit to an orphanage here in Siem Reap. I will go with one of the volunteer lady from England who stay at the same hotel with me. We chat few days ago at the hotel restaurant when we had breakfast. She told me what she’s doing here in Siem Reap […]

  • Massage, Manicure & Pedicure

    Yesterday afternoon, finally I made it to have foot massage/reflexiology, manicure and pedicure as per I wanted. At lunch time yesterday, I sat on a tuktuk from the hotel and went to the city for lunch at Father’s Restaurant. I had tofu soup, chicken and mushroom omellete, and a little bit rice. I choose fresh […]

  • Cambodian Hay Stack

    Here’s some pictures how Cambodian people stack their hay. Interesting.

  • English Friendly School

    “I just wanted to share the knowledge that I have, and share something that I never had when I was at their age.”

  • Relaxing Sunday

    I woke up for the 1st time this morning at 5.30am then I remember that today is Sunday so I forced myself to get back to sleep. 2nd time I woke up at 6.30am and couldn’t get back to sleep even though I want to sleep some more. At 6.45am I decided to get up […]

  • Time to pamper myself today 🙂

    I think it’s time for me tompamper myself today 🙂

  • Trip to Cambodia

    My new experience began here, right after I landed at Siem Reap. A tuktuk picked me up and drove me to the hotel.