Trip to Cambodia

I woke up lazily at 2am, switched off my alarm, then slowly sit up. Feel a bit dizzy as I didn’t sleep well. I don’t know why I was restless and had difficulties to sleep. I feel empty again and my heart, I looked at my Hubby’s  picture above the cabinet before I walked in to the shower.

After showered, I checked my suitcase, locked it and took it out from my bedroom. I looked at my sister who still slept soundly on my bed. I didn’t want to wake her up to say bye. My Mom already up and waiting for me in the livingroom. I pray a while next to my Hubby’s ashes. I wish you were here with me love and go with me for this trip. I love and miss you, Baby…

10 minutes before 3am, my taxi with Golden Bird arrived and I kissed goodbye my Mom. Right before my taxi left my house, I saw my houseboy waving me goodbye.

At Malaysia Airline check in counter, there are many people already in line. And this is fhe first time for me to be inline on economy class for a long time. You always wanted me to fly on business class, Baby. The beautiful memory of our time together struck me again. RIP my love, you’re the best…!!! The girl at the counter was very nice, she arranged the wheel chair for me without any difficulties, everything went so smooth. I love Malaysia Airline, they treat their handicap customer in a very good way. Next time I will fly with Malaysia Airlines again, for sure! The staff wheeled me to Starbucks while waiting for the flight and I ordered hot chocolate and croissant sausage for my breakfast. I hope I can sleep on the plane after I drank this hot choco. I need some more sleep after last night.

The boarding was on time, another good point of Malaysia Airlines, my seat was on the the front row of economy class, this is good. The flight attendants are very nice too in treating the handicap passengers. A Cambodian girl sat next tome me. Her English was poor with her Cambodian accent and made me difficult to understand her 🙁 She tried to talk to me but I didn’t want to talk a lot as I have difficulties to understand her and I want to go to sleep.




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