Orpahanage Visit

I am getting ready to visit to an orphanage here in Siem Reap. I will go with one of the volunteer lady from England who stay at the same hotel with me. We chat few days ago at the hotel restaurant when we had breakfast. She told me what she’s doing here in Siem Reap and her story touched my heart that is why I asked her whether I can join her one day.

Yesterday afternoon I met the Coordinator of this volunteer job and she agreed and allowed me to go with her team to visit one of the orphanage. I am excited and looking forward for this trip. Visit orphanage always make me cry and laways gave me the chance to appreciate my own life. How grateful I am compare with those kids in the orphanage. This kind of activities, go the the orphanage always make me on track again to feel blessed and gratefu, not supposed to complain about anything in my life.





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