Massage, Manicure & Pedicure

Yesterday afternoon, finally I made it to have foot massage/reflexiology, manicure and pedicure as per I wanted. At lunch time yesterday, I sat on a tuktuk from the hotel and went to the city for lunch at Father’s Restaurant. I had tofu soup, chicken and mushroom omellete, and a little bit rice. I choose fresh coconut for my drink.

After lunch I strolled around to find a salon for massage. About 5 minutes walked from Father’s Restaurant, I walked in into a salon and a guy welcome me. After I told him what I wanted to do he asked me to sit in one of the chairs available in the room. For 1 hour foot massage costs $6, and for 1 hour foot and body massage costs $7. I decided to have foot and body massage. After a while, I looked at the service menu I read that they also have manicure and pedicure service. Soon after that I have manicure and pedicure. I felt sleepy when I have this services. I remember my dear Hubby, he will comment something if he saw this. He knew that I love to do all these things at home, I called the guy and the girl from salon for creambath, manicure, pedicure and massage. Those sweet moments played for a while in my mind. Rest in peace love…

What they mean about foot and body massage, the body part is only my arms and head. Not even my shoulder or back. Oh well, at least my head felt good aft this. I paid the services after finished and gave tips to the girls who did the services. The guy who massaged me not around, he went away with a guy he talked in front of the salon while ago.

I walked out from the salon and I saw that Blue Pumpkin Bakery was located accrossed this salon. I walked accrossed the street and I took a croissant and a bottle of mineral water. I love the croissant here, so yummy!!! I ate my croissant silently while I watched the traffic in front of the shop, many tourists walked around this area. Interesting to see all these activities her. Not too busy, but not quiet either.

After I finished my croissant, I walked back to where I came from but thistime I wasn’t heading tomFather’s Restaurant. I walked through another alley with the hope I can reach the other street to find a supermarket. I did the right thing, I found the supermarket as soon as I arrived at the end of this alley. I walked accrossed then I was inside the supermarket or supermart, they call it here. I walked around inside to see whatbthey have here, they have almost same items like a amrt in Jakarta. They even have liquoer bottles sold here. People free to buy alcohol drinks in a mart. Not like in Jakarta. We can only buy alcohol drinks in bottle in Duty Free, and only foreigners having their passport or work permit who allowed to buy.

I paid what I bought, a small bottle of shampoo then I took a tuktuk to go back to hotel. I will rest this afternoon till I joined the others to have dinner at Father’s Restaurant.






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