Month: January 2014

  • Cipete Quilt Community 5th End of the Year Gathering 2013

    Cipete Quilt Community 5th End of the Year Gathering 2013

    Cipete Quilt Community held the Annual Quilt Gathering on October 6, 2013 in LPPI Building, Kemang, South Jakarta. This gathering is the place for all the members to meet and greet, and also learn something new. This year gathering has something new for members, a small quilt bazaar for members and the bazaar is opened for public.

  • Anthurium Hawaiian Pillow Cases

    Anthurium Hawaiian Pillow Cases

    A Hawaiian quilt is a distinctive quilting style of the Hawaiian Islands that uses radially symmetric applique patterns. Motifs often work stylized botanical designs in bold colors on a white background. Hawaiian quilt applique is made from a single cut on folded fabric. Quilting stitches normally follow the contours of the applique design.

  • Chinese Lantern Wall Hanging

    I bought the kit for this Chinese lantern quilt long time ago, in one of my trips together with my Hubby to Singapore for my medication. I love the oriental pattern and the fabric color in this kit. I didn’t have time to work on this kit as I was busy with other project, and suddenly when I was looking for something in my drawer, this kit come up and got my attention. I took it out and started work on it.

  • The Rose of Sharon King Size Quilt

    The Rose of Sharon King Size Quilt

    This quilt is my second Rose of Sharon quilt that I made. The same lady bought my first one but after she tried it on her bed, it was too small, then she gave it to her mother for present. As she loves the pattern and color, she wants me to make another one but bigger size so it will match her American king size bed 200 cm x 200 cm. To fulfill her requirement I made it bigger and when it finished the quilt definitely a huge one but pretty 🙂

  • Blue Nine Patch King Size Quilt

    Blue Nine Patch King Size Quilt

    “I want to have American style blanket” my friend said to me after he learned that I am making quilt, “I want it in blue color, King size to match my bed.” Then I made this quilt using my bali batik fabrics in blue color range. King size bed, and hand quilted.

  • Blue Fence Rail Quilt

    Blue Fence Rail Quilt

      This Blue Fence Rail Quilt was an order from my lady friend from AWA Jakarta member, Judy Helsing. She bought one of my quilts already a year before. She bought my Feathers Bargello using 22 colors after saw it at American Club Mother’s Day Bazaar in May 2012. At first she was interested in […]

  • Truck Galleries Quilt

    This quilt was made to order from a customer from Sydney, Australia. She wants to give a quilt for her 8 years old son. He loves trucks, she asked me to make quilt with many trucks. I searched all trucks pictures from the web and made patterns out of them. I used local cotton fabrics […]

  • Bug Jar Quilt

    A bug jar quilt wall hanging, it displays 20 jars fill with all kind of bugs. From butterflies, bees, lady bugs, even chameleon and frogs too. This quilt was machine pieced and hand quilted. Border using bali batiks.

  • Quilt Training for Under Privilege Teenagers

    Quilt Training for Under Privilege Teenagers

    Together with my best friend Claudia Collins, we set up a small workshop ” Anucara” to help the under-privilege teenagers to learn something useful for themselves. In this workshop we teach them to sew, quilting, and also cooking/baking. With this knowledge we hope we can give them something and earn money during their free time and after they finished their school.

  • ANZA Jakarta Quilting Class

    Quilting Class every Tuesday morning from 9.30am – 11.30am at ANZA House Jakarta, Kemang, South Jakarta.