Blue Nine Patch King Size Quilt

DSC02409This quilt I made for a friend of mine, a guy who used to live in America for few years. When I told him I make quilt, he said he wants to make one. “I’ve been thinking for having a blanket with American style” that’s what he said. I showed him some quilts that I made before from my catalog and he was interested in my Maroon Nine Patch quilt. But for his, he wanted in blue color. His bed measurement is 200 cm (80 inch) x 200 cm (80 inch) and he wanted the quilt will hang on the bed side a bit longer. So I have to make the quilt at least 240 cm (96 inch) x 250 (100 inch) cm to match his bed.

I still have bali batik in blue color range at home. So I started make the quilt. I took less than one week to piece the top of this quilt. I love the gradations of these blue bali batik. This Blue Nine Patch is as beautiful as the Maroon Nine path Quilt. The effect of blue color is so soothing in my bedroom when I try this quilt on my bed to check on the measurement. Make me want to make one for myself.

DSC02415I started this Blue Nine Patch Quilt around October 2012, and took a bit longer to finish it as my lady quilter was sick. Finally the quilt finished around mid February 2013 and I delivered that to my friend. Thank God he did not complain about the delay in finishing this quilt. He only said that he was a bit worried I forgot about his quilt as it took longer than I promised him to finish. He was happy and satisfied with the quilt and his also his wife.









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