Anthurium Hawaiian Pillow Cases

A Hawaiian quilt is a distinctive quilting style of the Hawaiian Islands that uses radially symmetric applique patterns. Motifs often work stylized botanical designs in bold colors on a white background. Hawaiian quilt applique is made from a single cut on folded fabric. Quilting stitches normally follow the contours of the applique design.

Once you’ve cut, basted and appliqued and quilted your first Hawaiian-style quilt masterpiece, you will realize that it really is a lot easier in many ways than traditional appliqued quilts with tiny pieces and less threatening than putting together many colors of little fabric pieces for the patchwork style quilts.

IMG_1810When you decide to start your first Hawaiian quilt project, you better start with a small project without too many points and curves. This way you can gain expertise and control of your needle working on a long straight or gentle curves done in a long stretches of the design.

What I have here is pillow cases using Hawaiian style. I used bali batik fat quarters and I chose anthurium pattern to match the color. The result is amazing, the anthurium leaves stand out from the white background.







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