Windmill Swirl


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  1. Cheryl Phillips Avatar
    Cheryl Phillips

    Hi Sherry,
    Beautiful Sample!!
    The book you’re looking for is “Quilts Without Corners” and can be found on our website”

  2. Bea Avatar

    Hi, I love this pinwheels, I would like to figure out the pattern but have to know how big is the dinameter of it. How wide is it. Your color selection is awesome. I feel I’m back in Arizona on my best trip ever.
    Thank you for your help

  3. Sherry M Ascough Avatar
    Sherry M Ascough

    I like the windmill; do you have the pattern? Is it free? I’d love to make it from your pattern. Otherwise, I guess I’ll just figure it out. Thanks.

    1. hening Avatar

      Hi Sherry,

      Thank you for your comment and interest. For the pattern, I bought the book few years ago in USA and in that book there are a lot of patters that you can choose. The book tittle is Quilts Without Borders by Cheryl Phillips. I think you can buy this book in any quilt shop.
      Let me know again if you cannot gwt the book maybe I help you.
      Good luck in finding the book?

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