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Born in June 28, 1971 in Cilacap, Central Java, Indonesia as the daughter of a teacher  (mother) and a Village Chief (father), I grew up to be always number one at school and should be a good example to my younger sister and brother. I grew up in Cilacap until I finished my High School and my upbringing as the first kid in the family  has shaped me in many ways.
After graduating from high school in Purwokerto, I moved to Jakarta to study in Borobudur University, Jakarta with a degree in English. After graduated I worked in some companies with various lines of business in Jakarta, includes Journalism, Communications, Marketing, Senior Management, Mentoring, Promotional Event, Social Networking Development, Project/Program Management, Owned Charity Foundation for Underprivileged teenagers, Event Organizer for International Exhibition and Seminar.
I quit from my last job by the end of last year and just recently started up a Quilting and Supply business in Jakarta. My dream is  to serve the Southeast Asia market.  I found my passion for quilting after meeting a lady friend who use to own her own quilting shop and showed me the art of quilt making.
Beside American Women Association, I  currently an active member in  Rotary Club Jakarta Menteng.  Outside of these my hobbies include cooking, reading news and novel, quilting and traveling. When I am not busy making quilt I will watch TV at home. And I also enjoy to listen to some good classic rock music, or to watch a thrilling footbal match.


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  1. future.flying.saucers Avatar

    Hening, thanks for stopping by my blog!! And I hope your new adventure in business flourishes!!

    1. simplythebest01 Avatar

      You’re welcome. I enjoy reading your blog. Very inspiring. Thank you so much for your best wishes.Have a blessed day!

  2. thoughtsfromanamericanwoman Avatar

    Thank you for following my blog, I look forward to knowing you through your quilts and learning some new recipes! Blessings – Patty

    1. simplythebest01 Avatar

      Dear Patty,

      Thank you for following my blogs. I am a newbie here and I learn a lot by reading your blog. It’s nice to have a lot of friends here and it’s nice to know you. Friendly hugs to you! Hening

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