Indian Summer Quilt

I made this quilt right after I returned from my trip to Oklahoma, my husband home town in the year 2011 It was November, Fall season started. This was my first experience to see the zfall color. It was beautiful! 

The leaves on the trees changed their color very fast before they started fell off from the tree. Some trees will show yellowish color, then the next day turned brown and the day after they’re gone. And some will turn red, beautiful red color on the tree and then gone. These scenery was really amazing.

As soon as I reached home, I took my fabric collection and then made this Inddian Summer Quilt. Instead of using Summer Color, I chose Fall Color like brown, yellow, and red. Combined all of these color to remember the beuautiful scenery I saw in Oklahoma, USA.

My Indian Summer Quilt finished in Queen Size bed and hand quilted. I love the color and everytime I see the picture of this quilt, its always remind me of Oklahoma Fall. 






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