Blue Fence Rail Quilt


DSC02526This Blue Fence Rail Quilt was an order from my lady friend from AWA Jakarta member, Judy Helsing. She bought one of my quilts already a year before. She bought my Feathers Bargello using 22 colors after saw it at American Club Mother’s Day Bazaar in May 2012. At first she was interested in my Wind Swirl quilt. It’s a round table topper with bright color. Judy said that this table topper will match her table at her back porch. But She did not pick it up directly, she wanted me to keep the the quilt for her and she will come back to me after she decided which one she wanted to have.A few days after the bazaar I contacted her via email to remind her about the quilt and she informed me that she wanted to have the bigger quilt, the bargello one for her bed. She said she loves the color and effect of the Feathers Bargello.


DSC02530Judy contacted me again and this time she wanted to make a quilt for her son in America. She wanted to make this quilt as a gift for him. I am so thrilled to have her order, and she wants to make blue quilt as this one is for her son. We arrange the time and place to meet one day to discuss further the quilt. Judy wanted me to bring my blue color fabrics and my catalog so she can choose the pattern and discuss the color in this meeting. I met with her at AWA Center, I brought my blue jelly roll collection, bali batik jelly roll. Judy and I had a good and fun time choosing the fabrics and after a while she gave up and asked me to choose the color for this quilt.


DSC02540Judy chose fence rail pattern as she wanted the quilt not too “heavy” in the bedroom but still look nice. I started piecing the fabrics using my machine and then hand quilted them. It took 4 days to piece and sew the quilt top with my machine.For the quilting technic, I tried something that I haven’t done before with my quilt. I saw this technique at the weekly meeting of Quilting Nomads Lady, the expat ladies quilting group that I joined recently. The ladies in this group not quilting it at the ditch but quarter inch from the ditch.  And the quilt effects is very beautiful. It’s so stunning! As you can see here on the picture on the left. It took longer to finish the quilt using this technique but the result is worth it. I cannot stop admiring this quilt after it finished. I even want to make one for myself 🙂



Finished size was Double Size Quilt as Judy wanted and I choose the pale yellow for outer sashing to make the blue color stand out. After I finished quilting it, I contacted Judy and we will meet again at AWA Center to hand over the quilt. Judy was so thrilled to see the result and she showed it off to all the Ladies who come to AWA Center that day. Seeing her smile is more than enough for me…






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