What a Monday…

What a Monday morning to start. Got a text message from my houseboy, Agus who went home for his weekend break that he cannot come to work today. My emotion boiling inside me as soon as I read his text. I have tons of works to do and prepare for the upcoming quilting class this Wednesday and Friday, finishing some unfinished quilt projects and some other house hold works. How can he does this all the time? On Saturday afternoon when he asked my permission to go home, he said he will be back to work on Monday morning together with his wife, because he knew already that we have a lot of works to be done this week. I always ask his wife to come to help while there are a load of works need to be done during the week. How in the world he does this again…

I took a deep breath, chanting and whispering prayer to calm myself down. I do my best to control my anger and emotion. Practicing anger management within me. So far I can manage smoothly, I didn’t reply his text with my emotion. I tried to calm down myself with cleaning the house and did the dishes. After a while, I start to calm down and feel ease.

I cancel my Monday morning activity to go to Monday Quilting with Quilting Nomads Group because I thought I have more things to do at home with the help of Agus, my house boy, but then he does not come today. He is not suppose to go home last weekend actually, he only suppose to go home next weekend. I gave him permission because he said he knew we gonna be busy this week and next week so he would rather went home last weekend so he can stay next weekend. It sounded reasonable to me that was why I let him went home. Agus granted to go home to see his family every two weeks, he will leave my house on Saturday afternoon and will be back Monday morning or afternoon. he is never have discipline on the timing 🙁 It was my late husband decision to let him went home every weekend because my husband wanted to have our time alone during weekend whenever he was at home, which was ok with me that time. But then, Agus made some mistakes in his time management about coming back to work.

It is a luxury to live in Indonesia in general, while you can have house assistant like having Agus to help doing the house hold chores. And having Agus is a blessing to me. He used to work with me at the same office since I worked in a trading company back in 1999, the first time I met him. He worked as office boy in this office. As the time went by, he is so loyal to me, and whenever I moved to other office, I took him with me. He helped me also with outside job, like whenever I moved to another house, Agus will helped me packed all my things in the old house, transported them to the new house location, unpacked them till everything settled. When I got married in September 2010, I fired my husband’s house assistant as she turned out to be not a good worker. And then I called Agus and asked him to help me to work in my house. He was jobless at that time.

Agus did good most of the time with the house chore duty. He also helped my husband and I with cooking activities. As a result, Agus was become my husband kitchen’s assistant. My husband gave him credit for helping him in the kitchen with his chopping and dicing ability. Even Agus can season and marinate steak the way my husband always did.

When I started my quilting activities, Agus’s job become more as I always asked him to help me to wash the fabrics before I use them, cut the fabrics with rotary cutter, and basting the fabrics before I sew them. At the end of the day, Agus can operate my sewing machine too. So now I have him as my right hand’s assistant in quilting.

The only problem that I have with Agus is he is so careless, forgetful (having short memory) and always not in time whenever he come to work. He always make me upset. Just like what he does today. I feel better now after I wrote what I feel, by doing this it seems like I see him from both side. I see the comparison between his bad and positive side of him in my life. Helping me with all my activities, either house hold and my quilting business is truly a blessing. I feel better now and has no more anger with him. I can breath normally and I will continue my activities again for the rest of the day. Simple activity of course because I have to work alone without Agus’s help… 🙂 The rest of my Monday will be fine and will turn out to be a great day as the sun shines so bright outside.






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