Jasmine Flower


Jasmine is a well-know flower throughout the world. Belonging to the
olive family Oleaceae, it represents the genus Jasminum. Having about 200 species, the flower inhabits in the tropical and warm climate regions of the Europe, Asia, and Africa. These attractive
blooms are worn by females in their hair in the regions of southern and southeast Asia. The blooming time of the plant is in such seasons as summer or spring. It usually flowers half a year after being planted.

I love the smell of jasmine, it’s so fragrant but soft and fresh. I love to put a few buds in my bedroom or livingroom and my rooms will smell sooo good! Like here now in the hotel that I stay, there’s a Jasmine pot plant on the second floor. And every morning whenever I went to the restaurant for breakfat on the 3rd floor I will stop by and picked few buds that blooming, and then I put the buds on the small table next to my bed. My room smell so lovely! Love it!






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