You’re The Best Thing That Ever Happened in My Life

I just hate it whenever this feeling come. Feel lonely, empty, and sad. Don’t know what to do and everything seems wrong. No program on TV interest me. Nothing that I can do can cheer me up. I do anything like automatically, without thinking or feeling.

I started to feel like this since you’re gone, Love. My days seem like has no meaning anymore. I feel like a robot. I don’t see anymore light in my eyes. Thre’s so much that I can do or should do but I am so reluctant to do it. I do not want to cry anymore, Baby but I cannot help it.

It’s been so hard, really hard for me. Never expect to be apart from you this soon. You always said that I was a tough cookie, but I am not anymore I guess. You’re my backbone that made me strong. How can I be strong without you beside me? Without your nice words and your smile. You gave me everything, anything I wanted. Not that I needed but I wanted. You never complaint about what I did. You always gave and provide the best of everything for me. You spoiled me rotten. You supported me in everyway. You called me STBW, stand for My simply The Best Wife. You always said that I was the best thing ever happened in your life. Everyday, never failed you always said, “I love you more today than yesterday”, as per your vow in our wedding. You fulfiled your vow without failed.

Oh love, I want to stop whining, crying and complaining about this sadness and emptiness that I feel. But how can I do that? Nobody I can talk to. nobody understand what I feel for you, Love. Please come into my dream again tonight, Love so I can tell you everything that I have in my heart. I need you my Simply The Best Husband! I need you the most. You’re the best that I ever have… I love and miss you, Baby… XOXOXO






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