Year: 2012

  • Hello there…

    Hello there…

    Thank you for visiting Simply the Best Quilt’s website…  

  • An Eternal Memory

    An Eternal Memory. Till we meet again…

  • Give Me Something For The Pain

    Happiness, its been no friend to me But forever after aint what its all cracked up to be Yeah, I had a taste, you were my fantasy But I lost my faith when I hit reality I dont need no guru to tell me what to do When your feeling like a headline on Yesterdays […]

  • I Need You Now

    It’s raining again this afternoon in Siem Reap, not as big as yesterday. I stay in my room with blanket on. I am tired, so tired, have mild headache but I cannot have a nap that I need. My body a bit warm, I can feel the heat on my forehead too. I switched the […]

  • Quiet Evening

    I am literaly stayed in my hotel room today and not going anywhere. My diarhea gone I think as I didn’t go to the bathroom since the last time I did this morning. But my cold stays 🙁 I was a bit better this morning till lunch time, but after around 4pm I started sneezing […]

  • I Miss You My Two Bears…

    As my husband of 62 years old passed away on that day, Wednesday, April 25, 2012, the anguish and the pain within me welled like a dam ready to burst, my future seems bleak and dark. The first thing come in my mind was how can I live without you, Baby? I never imagine that […]

  • Thursday – I’ll be Fine

    I woke up at 03.00 this morning and still din’t feel well even if I had blue Actived pill before I slept. My nose still clogged but my headache almost gone. Then I went to bathroom for pee but then I found out that I have diarhea 🙁 I went back to my bed with […]

  • Doha – Future Cities

    I was on my bed playing with my iPad, moving from Facebook Page and the other when suddenly I heard something about Doha on TV. My heart leaped and I stopped what I was doing and looked to TV screen in my hotel room. It’s CNN showing program Future Cities and they featuring Doha – […]

  • My World Shattered

    Today, 3 months ago, it was Wednesday, April 25, 2012 was the day when my world shattered. The day you left me forever, my Love. I carry you in my heart wherever I go. You’re my spirit. I will continue my life with the love I feel for you inside my heart. I love and […]

  • Jasmine Flower

    Jasmine is a well-know flower throughout the world. Belonging to the olive family Oleaceae, it represents the genus Jasminum. Having about 200 species, the flower inhabits in the tropical and warm climate regions of the Europe, Asia, and Africa. These attractive blooms are worn by females in their hair in the regions of southern and […]