Cowboy Roper

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared an update on my blog. I have been busy at work and didn’t have time to post anything here.
I still managed to make some quilts every weekend but I was too lazy to post any. I just realized few days ago when I got an email notification that there’s comment that I need to approve 🙂 By then I knew that the last posting I posted here was 2 years ago… Goodness!!!

I will start to post again some of my works that I have been busy with. I will start with this wall hanging – Cowboy Roper – a panel that I bought few years ago in USA in one of the trips I made with my hubby. I choose this panel as it represent the cowboy’s life I have seen during my visits in Oklahoma. It’s a bittersweet memories.

Cowboy Roper is one of my UFO projects – bought sometimes in 2011/2012 and I only started working on it in 2017. Tried to work on it many times but always postpone again. Finally, one day when I was looking for something else, I hold this pattern and I decided to start working on it.

This quilt is machine quilted – I want to practice my machine quilting. The size is not too big so it’s easy for me to move along using my domestic sewing machine. I tried to make ‘stones” below the figure to enhance the effect, and I think it works well.









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