The Sun and The Blue Moon Quilt – a baby quilt

I started sewing this quilt early January 2014 last year to welcome the second child of Marshal Maas and Yudhia Andini, my brother in laws. I pieced the top one and a half day, borrowed a machine from my friend who lives in Murdoch area, Perth, Charmain Lees to quilt it. This is the first time for me to do machine quilt 🙂 2 weeks before I made this quilt Charm gave me her scraps fabrics when I come for visiting her to play with her fabrics. 

I pieced the scraps and made this baby quilt out of the scraps I got. I asked Alika, my niece after I finished piecing it what’s the right name for this quilt, she said the name of the quilt should be ” Sun and Moon Pattern” 🙂

Total time for making the top was 1,5 day, and another half day to machine quilting and binding it.

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