Yellow Star Scrappy Batik Quilt

Yellow Star Scrappy Batik Quilt 3


Around end of April 2014, I received an email from a Lady who wanted to have quilt made from Indonesian batiks. She wants Queen size bed, warm color combination together with a table runner as keepsakes from Indonesia as she will leave Indonesia for good around July 2014 and will be back to Washington DC, USA.

She asked me how long it takes to make Queen Size Quilt. I replied to her it will take around 3 months to finish this hand quilted Queen size. She agreed the timing and she sent me the picture of the quilt she wants to have.


Scrappy Batik Quilt Table Runner

Suddenly, I got another email from her on May 26, 2014 informed me that she will leave Jakarta earlier and her flight out will be on June 7, 2014. I was freak out! The process of hand quilting not even half of it, so I have to work head over heel to finish the quilt on time. I worked almost every day and night finalizing this quilts and stressed out.




Yellow Star Scrappy Batik Quilt 1

I made it to finish the order on time and delivered both quilts to her house today and her reaction when she saw the quilts was overwhelming. She loves them! And so happy to bring them back to the States. As soon as I heard she screamed ” I love them!” all the stress and tiredness were gone completely! All the hard works paid off.

Scrappy Table Runner 3







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