I Need You Now

It’s raining again this afternoon in Siem Reap, not as big as yesterday. I stay in my room with blanket on. I am tired, so tired, have mild headache but I cannot have a nap that I need. My body a bit warm, I can feel the heat on my forehead too.

I switched the TV on with the hope I can doze off while watching it. I watch Nat Geo Wild, it showed Aforest in Russia with the wild life in that forest. When the screen showed the beach with new born turtles tried to reach the shore, suddenly I remember the beach at Westin Hotel that we visited last year on October, Baby! I remember Bali Classic, I remember the dinner we had at the beach that night, a wonderful quiet night, I remember we sat at the bar near the beach every afternoon… That beautiful beach that I won’t see anymore. I won’t go there this October for Bali Classic, because you’re not here with me…

I cried, Baby. I cried again remember you. Remember all those memories we had together in Bali. All the memories about us… Why you have to go this soon? Why you left me all alone? I need you now, Baby. I need you the most now, when I do not feel good, when I have headache like this, all I need is you, Love… God, please give me strength to face all of this…






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