Quiet Evening

I am literaly stayed in my hotel room today and not going anywhere. My diarhea gone I think as I didn’t go to the bathroom since the last time I did this morning. But my cold stays 🙁 I was a bit better this morning till lunch time, but after around 4pm I started sneezing again. Had my actived at lunch time and I just had the night pill too. Hope it will stop my cold. Being in the room the whole day gave me mixed feeling, bored, sad, but I think it’s good to help me recover and gain my strength back.

I had massage too this afternoon as my body started aching. I feel a bit better after massage. It’s raining for a while, big rain with strong wind.The rain make the weather cooler. I saw the rain from my window, the dark murky sky looked scarry. I kept on changing TV channel to entertain me. From CSI series, History Channel, and Discovery Channel. Managed to sleep on and off, but I don’t know why I have aching muscle and body. I do hope I feel better tomorrow.

Inga came and knocked my door to check my condition and wanted to know whether I will join them for dinner. I told her I won’t join as I still not feeling well. The internet connection was crashed a while after big rain that’s why she didn’t receive my message on facebook. It’s quiet evening and alone in my room. Feeling my aching body while watch TV. I drank a lot mineral water with the hope it will help to make me better soon. And I hope I can sleep soundly tonight.