Day: July 26, 2012

  • Quiet Evening

    I am literaly stayed in my hotel room today and not going anywhere. My diarhea gone I think as I didn’t go to the bathroom since the last time I did this morning. But my cold stays 🙁 I was a bit better this morning till lunch time, but after around 4pm I started sneezing […]

  • I Miss You My Two Bears…

    As my husband of 62 years old passed away on that day, Wednesday, April 25, 2012, the anguish and the pain within me welled like a dam ready to burst, my future seems bleak and dark. The first thing come in my mind was how can I live without you, Baby? I never imagine that […]

  • Thursday – I’ll be Fine

    I woke up at 03.00 this morning and still din’t feel well even if I had blue Actived pill before I slept. My nose still clogged but my headache almost gone. Then I went to bathroom for pee but then I found out that I have diarhea 🙁 I went back to my bed with […]