Doha – Future Cities

I was on my bed playing with my iPad, moving from Facebook Page and the other when suddenly I heard something about Doha on TV. My heart leaped and I stopped what I was doing and looked to TV screen in my hotel room. It’s CNN showing program Future Cities and they featuring Doha – Qatar. Yes, it’s Doha, your city, Baby! I watched until the show finished and I didn’t realize that my eyes wet. Some places shown on TV by CNN, I was there, it’ brought back the memories about the city, about you!

Everytime I heard about Doha, it made my heart poignant and painful. It was where you worked for almost 6 years, until the last contract finished this year in February. I heard a lot about Doha from you. How you hate the dust, the dust storm, the windy day full of dust, the heat during summer and the cold during winter. You loved it when it’s winter, when the weather was cold and made you happy. Even sometimes you had to wear your jacket.

You told me about the shouks in Doha, where you used to buy the jewelries for me. I still have all of them, Love. I will keep them forever with me. The show on CNN also covered about the Islamic museum that I went there with Sally Mitchel. Too bad that I only can go to Doha once, it was in 2010 on our way back from the States. You were able to get me visa for 2 days. It’s sad that as an Indonesian I cannot get visa easily. I need sponsor letter from a company to get visa to Doha, while you were only a consultant so you cannot get visa for your wife.

We communicated everyday when you were in Doha. Every morning we exchange emails, shared about how we slept the night before, what breakfast we had,mand what’s our plan for that day. You will tell if you have meeting that day, if you will have free lunch after meeting and if there’s any emails from the girls in the States. You will remind me to eat good, to take care of myself and to have fun. At around 5pm in the afternoon, you will send me eamil to tell me that your work almost done, that you will elave office very soon, and what you have done at work that day. And between that timing during lunch time sometimes if something comes up we will exchange emails to discuss something. These activities we did everyday when you were away in Doha. Of course we also exchange sms beside emails. Sometimes before I went to sleep, I sent you message to tell you that I will go to sleep, that I love younso much. On the other hand you also surprised me with yournlovely sms, told me tell you loved me and wished me well. Oh how I missed thoses activities between us, Love. How we communicate very good. How we expressed our feeling everyday. It made our life beautiful.

I still remember you will call me directly if you didn’t receive my response to your email in 5 minutes. You will get panic and wanted to know what’s going on with me. Sometimes I teased you for that. We had a really good time together, right Love?
the CNN’s show already finished, but my memory about you and Doha will not finish, the memory will stay in my heart forever. Still, whenever I hear about Doha, directly and cannot help it, I will think about you, Love. Rest well my Love, Rest in Peace. I am thinking about younalways. I love and miss you, Baby! See you in my dream tonight. XOXOXO






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