Chat With Alika Again

After breakfast this morning, I went back to my room at the hotel and sent message to my brother via imessage to ask him whetehr I can chat with Alika before I go to visit to orphanage. Thank God he replied right away and said that he and Alika are available to chat.

Alika still in her PJ’s this morning, in her blue PJ’s with yellow cat picture on it. She showed me the cat and told me that she has 3 PJ’s like this, with elephant and giraffe on it. Cute. My brother told me that Alika was upset and pouting before we chat as her Mom didn’t allow Alika to watch TV because Alika pee on her pant 🙂 But after her Daddy explained why she didin’t allow to do that, she understand and not upset anymore.

Cute Alika. After chat with her for about 20 minutes I said goodbye to her with the promise to chat again tomorrow morning. Chat with Alika always entertained me. It will brighten my day to see her. Big hug and love from Bude Alika. Bude love you so much!