Oh How I Miss You

Oh how I miss u
Wish you could come back to
a time we both knew
Just me and you
Oh how I wish you knew how much I need you
Want to greet you when you come home
The door, a smiling face I will see no more
One I will never have a chance to adore anymore
Oh how I wish you could come home
Just a hug could make me feel like I was never alone
How your death has me blown
Oh how I wish you knew how nothing in my life will ever be the same
The thought of hearing your name
And all the great memories it brings
Oh how I wish you knew how bad I want to be beside you
Yes I realize how hard you tried to provide all the comforts for me
How I wish you knew how long this poem could go on
So much I miss you
And God has blessed me with the memory of you to hold and remember

Forever and ever Billy Lawson, I love you…