I feel happy now after chat with my lovely niece Alika in Perth. I miss her so much and it gave me nice feeling after chat with her. And I am also happy to know that Facetime worked today. Tried to chat a few days ago with my Brother as I wanted to see Alika but that time it didn’t work.

I was worried yesterday to hear from my brother that Alika was not well, coughing and had to sleep with her parent. But today she looked cute as always and said that she feels better now 🙂 Cute Alika, I love her so much. My late husband also loved Alika, he always wanted to give everything for Alika. Alika knows that you loved her, Baby. She keeps the memory ofmyou in her heart. Looking forward tochat again with Alika on Tuesday, hope I can make it before I go to the orphanage. Sleep well Alika, bude love you so much!!! Hugs and kisses







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