Missing you


There is not a moment, a time or a day passed without thinking of you, my love. You are always in my mind. You made my life with you was the best and beautiful moment in my life. I will treasure and remember those moments forever in my heart. Our time together was so precious. We laughed together, did everything together whenever you’re home, you cooked for me, I cooked for you, watched TV together, and did grocery shopping together. These memory keep on playing in my mind, like movies. Whenever I am alone, this movie of our past will play automatically.

Only you and God can understand what I feel for you, Love. I don’t care if people say that I am whining all the time about you, about the memory of you… They don’t know what I have been through since you left me. I have to fight the loneliness, the tears the empty feeling in my heart without you. Alone! They know nothing…

How I miss your email every morning and afternoon. How I miss your sms everyday. How I miss your voice…

Only you who understood me, my love. Only you who cared about me. You always wanted the best for me . You always wanted to make me happy, to see me laughing and have smile on my face. You made me Queen. I was the Head Cheese of Domestic Affairs. I do miss those moment. I cherish the momet we’re together. Nobody cares about me anymore, Love… Don’t you feel how lonely I am?

I still have difficulties to sleep at night sometimes whenever the memory of that night come in my mind. That dreadful night that I cannot forget 🙁 I wish I did faster so I could help you that night. Maybe you will still be here with me 🙁 So I won’t cry everyday like this…

How can I forget you, my love? How can I can be strong without you beside me? Rest in Peace my dear Hubby. You’re the King of my heart. I love and miss you, Baby. I see you in my dream tonight. XOXOXO





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