I am grateful and blessed

Last night when I was at the bar at Elephant Hotel with my friends, Wilfried and Inga, my thought wandering to my past. While listening to their conversation I thought about my past. How grateful I am to have all the experiences, all the “traning” from my ex boss, a Dutch man – Ton van der Veeke and ibu Poppy Iskandar – an Indonesian lady, Wilfried himself and some other people too. How these people trained me to do things beyond belief. They asked me to do things that I have never done before. These poeple shaped me up and made me become ME today.

Pak Ton (Ton van der Veeke) thought me about discipline, to be a perfectionist is a must in our daily life, and the important to be on time. Because of pak Ton I can be a good Secretary in my next job after I left MIP, not long after I joined the new company I become a Branch Manager. My new boss appreciated what I was doing for the company and acknowledged my capability and ability.

And Wilfried, he pulled out all of my abilities out of me. He stretched me out to do things that I never done before. We, Wilfried and I never had any love relationship. Our relationship was only between a mentor and his trainee. He gave me experiences that I never had before. To do things that I never did before. Wilfried is a result oriented person. Because of him I can be a good networker and have a lot of connection right now.

Yes, I am so grateful and blessed to have these people in my life. Without them I cannot be like what I am now. I have the experience, ability and chance that many people can do. I never thank enough for all of these. Thank you God for always giving me the best in life for me. Amen!





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