Are You There?


Are you there in the wind
that blows the meadows?
Are you there in those pastures?
Are you there with the cows?

I look out to the meadow
with the hope to see you there
My heart hurt to see the open land
in Oklahoma
The place where you used to belong

My heart broken  remembering the time
That we used to spent together here

I cannot hold my tears
Whenever I passed the place that we used to go together
The place we used to go to eat together

Baby, don’t you hear my heart calling for you?
My heart feels so heavy every day remembering you

Will I see you in my dream tonight?
So that I can tell you how much I miss you
How much I want to tell you many stories
of the lonely nights I spent alone
of the broken heart of mine

Baby, please help me to ease the sorrow inside me
Help me to dry my tears
So that I can smile again to you
I love you so much, Baby

*Written in Oklahoma, June, 2012






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